Blank Canvas: How Often Do You Upgrade?

Design software ain’t cheap. And for us designers and illustrators using the professional-level software to create such as Adobe Creative Suite, we find a typical 18-month cycle for new releases of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and the rest.

GoMedia wants to know: how do you handle your upgrades? Do you get the latest and greatest when it comes out, or do you wait until you have to upgrade?

If you’re on the cutting edge, what compels you? If you’re the waiting type, how long do you usually hold off between releases?

Personally, I am a “latest and greatest” upgrader. Typically there are enough compelling features for me to justify the price. In the past I have skipped some of the versions of Creative Suite, but lately I have been making sure to keep current.

As a self-employed illustrator, it’s a bit easier for me in some sense since I only need to purchase one upgrade license. A studio needs to consider all the machines they own. Students have different upgrade options as well – you get your initial student license, but upgrades need to be full licenses.

I’m a big fan of graphics software so it’s a bit easier for me to justify the upgrades. Since I work almost 100% digitally nowadays, it’s kind of a no-brainer for me as long as the new features are something that I think will enhance my productivity.

Sounds off in the comments below: how and when do you upgrade, and why?