DESIGN monetized.

Introducing the Ultimate Brand Distribution Platform: Axomo

AXOMO’s store platform empowers designers, business owners, and influencers to easily create and distribute their own line of custom gear.

The scenario is all-too-familiar – you have an amazing design, people show genuine interest to buy or wear it on custom products, and yet each time you face this valid dilemna:

A)   Do I order stuff in bulk and sit on the extra inventory until it sells (hopefully)?

B)   Do I order the minimum, pay more per item, and minimize inventory?


C)   Do I give into frustration, chalk it up as waste of time, and move on.

Just like anyone else, artists resist minutiae whenever they can – that includes anything that would eat at their time, space, or resources . AXOMO removes this conflict entirely by leveraging the power of pre-order campaigns, offering plenty of one-off custom options, and automating the entire shopping experience.

With AXOMO, it’s as simple as uploading your designs, choosing from the hundreds of items available on our catalog, and then letting the world know your items are available for purchase.

So, how much does it cost?  AXOMO offers a very functional FREE version of it’s platform, as well as upgraded editions for serious business folks.  In either case, you can score $10 off your first order, just for trying it out, when you check out with PROMO CODE:


In just a few minutes, you can begin maximizing the reach and profitability of your work, all while enjoying awesome benefits like:

  • Zero inventory
  • Access to a crowd-driven merch catalog
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Built-in email campaign tools
  • Automated fulfillment

Learn more and create your free store today at