Business Plan Workbook Questions for Design Entrepreneurs

13 Foundational Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Design Business

Business Plan Workbook Questions for Design Entrepreneurs

Starting your own design firm? Our fearless leader, William Beachy, has created the e-book, Drawn to Business, and accompanying business plan workbook, to guide you through the highs and lows of this exciting time in your life. Whether you are fresh out of school or have experience planning a business, we recommend taking time to plot out what is to be a successful journey. We recommend sitting down and thoughtfully responding to the over 100 questions, as well as action steps, Bill has outlined in his Business Plan workbook.

While you’re downloading, let’s start with:

13 Foundational Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Design Business

  1. Why did you get into design and why are you in business?
  2. What are you passionate about? What makes you feel good inside?
  3. What goals do you have for your design firm personally this year? Five years?
  4. Make a list of your favorite clients. Why do you love working for them?
  5. Make a list of your least favorite clients. Why are they bad for you?
  6. Describe your ideal client. You must love working with them!
  7. What industry are you service? Who is your competition?
  8. What types of opportunities exist in your industry that you could jump on?
  9. What does success mean to you? Sustainability, profitability, respect, happiness?
  10. How will you know when you have achieved success?
  11. How do you handle failure? Do you embrace it or fear it?
  12. What is your mission? Your vision? Purpose?
  13. Who inspires you? Are you able to reach out to them for advice?

…for more on building a business you love, pick up Drawn to Business!

Drawn to Business is the definitive guide to building a highly successful creative firm. It’s a transparent look at how Go Media and other top firms built their business from the ground up. In it you’ll learn how to increase profits while doing the work you love. This book is ideal for freelancers, budding entrepreneurs, the owners of existing design firms and the managers of internal design departments.