How to Get Better at Graphic Design – Go Media’s Creative Advice to Young Designers

Advice to Young Designers
Jamal Collins
  • Nov 21, 2016
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Advice to Young Designers

The Creative Kids Academy visited Go Media to gain some insight on what makes this great multimedia company great, advice on starting a company and some one on one brainstorming with some good ole drawing. Go Media talked to the young creatives about developing your skills as a designer, being able to adapt to your client needs and how to stay relevant in this ever so changing market.

The overall vision of Creative Kids is to provide disadvantaged at-risk youth with the beneficial resources to develop the necessary skills that will introduce them into the creative field. We provide a solid visual educational experience by guiding youth in developing the capacity for challenging their sense of imagery and creativity, systemic critical thinking, and preparing them for client-based practices. They also learn about social awareness, marketing, branding, promotions, and present their portfolio on Behance. Youth are engaged through educational social media platforms, interviews on their creative process, speed art tutorials, and field trips. Creative Kids are encouraged to think as business-minded individuals, and realize that entrepreneurship does not have to wait until the completion of a higher education.

About the Author, Jamal Collins

Jamal Collins

Designer and educator Jamal Collins, better know as Jayworking grew up in the inner city of East Cleveland, Ohio, I was considered an at-risk youth. I faced a lot of challenges and stumbling blocks along the way. I was always a creative kid with a big imagination, but something was missing. I got accepted to Akron University, and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 1997. I began my career as a graphic designer in the corporate field in which I remained for 9 years. I always felt incomplete. After leaving the corporate world, I began freelancing, and volunteering. It was during that time that I began a new inspiring journey that would allow me to inspire others! Creative Kids Academy was born.

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