Introducing our Watercolor Alphabet Font Texture Pack

Watercolor Alphabet Font
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  • Feb 28, 2017
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Say hello to our Watercolor Alphabet Font Texture Pack

This handcrafted, handpainted pack isn’t your typical font. Saved out as PNG files, the Watercolor Font Texture Pack is to be used like a texture, giving your piece an individually-crafted quality.

Introducing our Watercolor Alphabet Font

Saved out, as shown above, the letters can easily be individually changed to any color of the rainbow using the swatches included in this pack. The possibilities are endless.

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Here’s what you get with the Watercolor Font Pack:

  • Watercolor Alphabet (Letters A thru Z, plus numbers 0 thru 9) – PNG Files
  • 12 Swatches (Jpeg Files)
  • Text file (This explains how to apply our swatches to the alphabet)

  Please note: All files are stored in PNG format with transparent background and therefore, are not your typical font.

Introducing our Watercolor Alphabet Font

We’re hooking you up with all the letters of the alphabet, as well as numbers 0 to 9

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