New Print & Advertising Mockup Templates Hit

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  • Sep 30, 2014
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New Print & Advertising Mockups!

Well, hello fellow designers! Who’s ready to upgrade their portfolio and get some jaws dropping? It’s as simple as heading over to, where we’ve just released five new templates for our lucky Pro Users.

(Free Users, there are some for you, too!)

This month, our Cleveland graphic designers have focused on print and advertising mockup templates, and we’re hoping you like ’em.

Gimme those templates.

Not a Pro User?

Here’s why you should give our free 7-day trial a-go:

    1. We’re up to 230+ templates in these categories: technology, apparel, print, advertising, food & beverage, sporting goods & body. These are templates available to Pro Users exclusively!
    2. We add at least 5 new templates to our roster every single month and are always fulfilling template requests.
    3. You have the ability to mockup snapshots twice the size of the Free version.
    4. Pro Users also have access to our new transparent background feature.
    5. No watermarks!
    6. Only $12/month after the 7 day free trial ends.

Give the Pro Version a go with a 7 day free trial now!

Now, onto the new templates!


Airplane Airplane_MU

Buy Photoshop File – $2.99

Commercial Van

Commercial Van Commercial-Van_MU

Buy Photoshop File – $2.99

Vitamin Bottle

Vitamin Bottle Vitamin-Bottle_MU

Medicine Bottle

Medicine Bottle Medicine Bottle_MU

Candy Bar

Candy Bar Candy-Bar_MU

Let’s go Mockup Everything!

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