Vector Freebie: Ornate Flourish & Pattern

  • Feb 9, 2009
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Turquoise Flag-Tip

It’s Monday, and that means another taste of upcoming Vector Set 14. And this one is particularly tasty!

First of all, none of these ornate images are recycled from low-resolution stock. We’ve created each one from scratch and have baggy eyes to show for it. It might be hard to tell the difference in a low resolution web browser, but inspect the line quality in Adobe Illustrator to appreciate the clean detail.

The full Ornate Patterns Vector Pack has 13 ornate flourishes and 13 seamless ornate patterns to go along! The patterns tile seamlessly, so they’re great for filling backgrounds.

ornate flourish vector patterns

Here is one of my favorite flourishes from the pack for free. Still, the whole pack is only $9.99 for hours & hours of illustration work done by Go Media artists. It’s a steal!


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