Laurenco Waterproofing Responsive Web Design

The Laurenco Waterproofing System sure ain't your Grandpa's bucket of tar. The science behind the product and the scale of application was worthy of all the WOW factor Go Media employed for this website. You’re greeted by a compelling full width slideshow of their impressive application sites, comprehensive messaging and easy to follow menu systems. Pair this with the detailed care that went into the responsive mobile layouts and you have yourself a World Class website which has garnered Laurenco major attention and over a 300% increase in web traffic.

Laurenco Website Responsive Homepage Designs

Site Features: 
  • Robust, mobile first responsive design built upon our custom designed theme framework.
  • User friendly administration area enabling administrators to effortlessly publish and manage content.
  • Portfolio of projects that can be navigated by category.
  • Project entries support metadata and media.
  • Secured frontend area for displaying sensitive information to selected individuals

Laurenco Interior Pages Web Design