Futurescale Logo Design


"I could not have asked for a better design, or a more attentive group of designers.You took my fuzzy 'client speak' and turned it into reality!"

Futurescale is a company that, “offer(s) architectural guidance and development expertise to aid in the implementation of Rich Internet Applications”. They contacted Go Media in March of 2009 seeking our services to create a new logo design for their company. They expressed interest in a mark that was both simple and complex at the same time, as if order was emerging from chaos. Drawing from this juxtaposition we began to develop ideas and research for their logo.

Futurescale Logo Design Sketches

Using the concept of a vortex as an expression of order emerging from chaos, we developed a mark that was an abstraction of this idea. Simple and energetic, the mark served as the perfect symbol for the company and they were very pleased. As we continue our relationship with Futurescale, we will be responsible for the rest of their brand development. Stay tuned for the completion of their identity system.

Futurescale Logo Design Futurescale Logo Design