Speedy Gas Branding Secondary Logo Badges

Speedy Gas Graphic Design Branding Primary Logos

Speedy, a local Cleveland gas station, came to Go Media looking to overhaul the brand for a new, showcase location opening on the west side. What followed was a total re-imagining of the gas station's visual identity and its application both indoor and out -- including, an introduction of child brands for the indoor kitchen, 'Grub Shack' and it's grab-and-go 'Pit Stop' products. The project is currently still underway as we reveal new elements such as merchandise and interior installations in the near future... To be continued!

Speedy Gas Graphic Design Branding Secondary Logo Badges Speedy Gas Graphic Design Branding Secondary Logos Speedy Gas Graphic Design Branding Additional

Concept Mock Up

Many times there is value in seeing how the branding may be used when applied to the client's real world materials. For Speedy, we took site photos of the client's gas station to mock up the branding on the actual location, as well as created product mock ups of potential products to be produced by the client.

Speedy Gas Branding Mock UpsSpeedy Gas Branding Station Mock Up

Work In Progress Partial Branding Use

The client has begun to have the branding and signage put up on the actual gas station as can be seen below. Future updates will see the use of the branding expanded on.

Speedy Gas Branding Real World In ProgressSpeedy Gas Graphic Design Branding Real World In Progress