FireDex Portfolio Update


2016 FDIC Tradeshow Graphics

FireDex, a leader in Firefighting turnout gear, came to Go Media looking to take their tradeshow presence to the next level. We were able to work with the stellar company to create a full line of graphic applications for everything ranging from oversized banners, to hand out collateral. With more eyes on their brand, FireDex looks to better serve the Fire Fighting community and cement it’s place as the leader in their industry.

FireDex Graphic Design SkyWay Banner FDIC 2016FireDex Graphic Design Additional Banners FDIC 2016 FireDex FDIC 2016 Site Photos 2 FireDex Graphic Design Posters FDIC 2016FireDex FDIC 2016 Site Photos 1

2015 FDIC Tradeshow Graphics

FireDex Graphic Design SkyWay Banner FDIC 2015 FireDex FDIC 2015 Mobile Ads by Go Media FireDex Graphic Design Posters FDIC 2015