WMC Fest portfolio contest: the winners

Hello, hello!

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to the winners of the WMC Fest Portfolio Contest we had going. The prize is a spot at the WMC Fest design show!

We had a total of 114 submissions. The jury decided to award the spots to 5 lucky winners. Here they are, along with the piece that earned them the spot!

Brandon Minga


Visit his portfolio at http://www.brandonminga.com/

Maarten Kleyne

Crossing the Rubicon

Maarten’s website is to be visited! http://www.mkleyne.com/

Janée Meadows from Janée Meadows Illustration

Paloalto gig poster

Janée is an “Los Angeles based, award winning, illustrator and graphic designer”. Visit her website at http://janeemeadows.com/

Andy Hayes from Hucklebuck Design Studio

Westcott House Event Poster

Westcott's Neighborhood event poster by Hucklebuck Design Studio

Hucklebuck Design Studio has a sweet horizontal website: http://hucklebuckdesign.com/

Mat MacQuarrie

George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre by Mat MacQuarrie

Finally, Mat has a portfolio full of awesome pieces. You might have seen some in the Flickr group already. http://www.matmacquarrie.ca/portfolio/

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks again to all the participants. If you didn’t win this time, remember there will be other occasions. Also, you should go check all the entries that have been submitted.

See you at WMC Fest!