Ten Ton Dreamweaver Winner Announced — And A Super-Killer Offer!


We’ve received some fantastic comments and feedback on last week’s Ten Ton Dreamweaver giveaway. Seems many of you are chomping at the bit to leap into the world of web design, while others have their engines revved to go further with their CSS and web design skills.

I enjoyed reading every single comment, and it was great to chat back and forth with a few of you. Sadly though, we can only draw one random winner. However, we have a very special announcement to make, so keep reading…

But before we get to that, let’s announce our randomly drawn winner. A big congratulations to mikeylikes, you’ve won yourself a copy of Ten Ton Dreamweaver! We liked your show of initiative to go beyond the classroom and teach yourself what you want to learn. We’ll be in touch with you shortly. And thanks to all the other commenters—you guys made the decision a tough one, but we have something special for you as well…

Throughout the week we had some fantastic comments. A lot of our commenters are currently in school and possibly not learning exactly the Dreamweaver / web design skills that they’re after, while many others have a solid footing in the world of print and are ready to make the leap to web. Still others have job opportunities waiting for them, or want to make themselves more marketable in these choppy economic times.


Well, I got talking with the fellas at Go Media and I said, “Ya know, there’s so much interest for Ten Ton Dreamweaver, and so many readers need to learn this stuff, it’s too bad that just one person wins a copy. We’ve gotta do something to help everybody else out too.” We got thinking about it, and came up with something that we think you’re really gonna dig…something so extra-special it’s only being offered to Go Media readers. Check this out:

I spent the weekend in the recording studio coming up with some super-killer bonus material. As it turns out, I hammered out nearly a half-hour’s worth of training — and by the way, it was Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, so I was rolling myself off to record more content between turkey meals and pumpkin pie. You’re welcome!

So what the heck is Ten Ton Books and Go Media gonna do with all this extra bonus material? Why, give it to you for free of course! So here’s the deal. If you dig Ten Ton Dreamweaver and wanna launch your web design skills through the stratosphere, order the DVD before November 20th and we’ll send you an extra DVD loaded with all the bonus material absolutely free. In fact, as an added thank-you, Ten Ton Books will toss a few extra goodies on the bonus DVD as well. How’s that sound?


The bonus DVD will include nearly 30-minutes worth of training on building and managing CSS-based floats in Dreamweaver (a must-know technique for every web designer) as well as an exclusive 13-minute clip from the soon-to-be-released Ten Ton Photoshop which features material from Go Media’s Arsenal. Freakin’ awesome? You bet.


Snag all the free content and your copy of Ten Ton Dreamweaver right here, and lets get ya on the launchpad and ready for lift-off! Be sure to enter the promo code “GoMediaTTDW” on the checkout page to receive your free bonus DVD!