The Best Spray Paint Textures

Do a Google search for “Spray paint textures” and you’ll see why knew that the artistic community deserved better.

So, we brought in a well-known graffiti artist from right here in Cleveland to show us what he could do. And, well, we were mightily impressed!

spray paint texture pack

Our graffiti artist had the supplies, technique, and experience to create incredible blended tones & texture. He quickly laid down a base of colors and then slowly added layers. By the time he got to the topmost layer, he was practically placing each drop individually! His control & detail was pretty amazing.

spray paint texture pack 4

Really, it’s kind of like having your own personal Jackson Pollock at hand. To finish off each texture, he feathered the edges with white spray paint to achieve a natural splattered fade.

spraypaint texture pack 5

I’m happy with what we came up with, and I’ve already used the textures a few times. I like that these spray paint textures can be used without calling attention to themselves. With simple tools like Photoshop’s brightness/contrast and hue shift/saturation, the versatility is pretty impressive. Try blending these into any design that needs a more traditional, naturalistic, urban feel.

spray paint texture pack

Thanks to all of our readers for the support and insight you share with us. Let us know what you think of the textures, and how you could put them to use! In the meantime, we’ll be trying our best to dream up knew tools & resources for everyone to share. If you like what you see, Download the new Spray Paint Textures.