Home Sweet Home

Exterior of Building

It’s a new year and an exciting new development at Go Media is finally starting to take shape. Go Media is starting to build out a new headquarters! We hope that this new work environment will be the envy of all designers. Ok, It may not be THAT nice – but it will be a huge step up from our current facility.


One thing I have always preached in business is being frugal. Earn the money before you spend it. And in keeping with that philosophy – we have had to keep our overhead down (since we’ve been poor.) In order to keep our overhead down, we’ve run Go Media out of my apartment, then out of a duplex and currently out of my townhouse. But this past year we finally had the good fortune (and need) to move beyond our 600 square foot livingroom/dining room space that 7 (soon 9) total staff members currently occupy.

Side of Building

So, on December 27, 2007 after a year-long search Go Media closed on a 15,000 square foot three story warehouse that we are going to turn into our headquarters. We are obviously VERY excited about this new opportunity we’ve been lucky enough to achieve. We’re making sure we have all of our bases covered as well, we looked at all the top coverage plans for homeowners before deciding on the one we were going to go with. We wanted to make sure we were properly covered and insured so that if a tragedy were to happen we would be able to jump back to our feet instead of having to give up for good.


I am going to post some blogs like this to document the design and build-out of our space. I wanted to make a quick shout-out to the hard working staff of Go Media that made this possible, John Wagner my realtor that pushed this deal through and our bank that is lending us some of the money to help pay for everything. Much thanks! See more photos after the jump or just check out our Flickr album that will constantly be updated with new photos as we renovate the building.





Front of Building