Defy The Hand You’re Dealt: WMC T-Shirt Giveaway

You may have heard about this little art, film, and music festival that I’ve been planning this year. It’s called Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and it’s happening THIS weekend here in Cleveland. I wrote this letter to the fine people who live in our city to encourage them to pursue their creative passions. This was reactionary after the Cavs lost last week and all we’ve had to deal with ever since are Lebron James rumors.

Anyway, WMC Fest is a celebration of creative visionaries who defy the hand they’re dealt. It’s happening this weekend, May 22 and 23 at Parish Hall – 6205 Detroit Ave in Cleveland Ohio. The fun starts at noon and three of us from Go Media (me, Bill Beachy, and Adam Wagner) will kick off the event with a 45 min talk about how this all started and how a creative agency can benefit itself from something like this.

We’re featuring lots of talented artists, bands, and filmmakers. More info at


Win a Weapons of Mass Creation t-shirt

Read my letter below and let it sink in. How does it make you feel? Inspired? I’d like to create more awareness about the festival this week and I need your help.

To win an official Weapons of Mass Creation t-shirt, I want you to write your own blog entry about what you think it means to “defy the hand you’re dealt.” Post it on your blog and then comment here to link us to your article. It can be as long as you want and we’ll pick the 3 we think are best. The only rule is that you need to add a link to and tell people when and where the festival is happening (see above). The 3 winners will win an official Weapons of Mass Creation t-shirt, stickers, and a WMC 1.25″ button pack.

You have until Thursday at 11:59pm of this week (May 20th) to post it and comment. Make sure to give us a way to contact you in case you win. We’ll need to get your address to mail it out. You don’t need to live near Cleveland to win either. Anyone can do this and we’ll mail the winner their prizes.

Without further ado, here’s my letter.

To the city of Cleveland: defy the hand you’re dealt.

Like a lot of Clevelanders, I sat in my living room fixated to my television last night, watching the final Cavs playoff game in what was supposed to be THE dream season in which we’d finally win it all. Nope. After we lost, I turned my attention to sports talk call-in shows and Cavs message boards to empathize with the distraught and fed-up fans. I could have been just as deflated, but I’m not.

For many of us, we live generally decent and happy lives. Good job, family, friends, etc. Our sense of well being often hinges on whatever our beloved Cleveland sports teams do. It’s something that we buy into and root for but we cannot possibly control ourselves. And that leads me to my point. Why waste your energy getting worked up over something that’s completely out of your control?

Clevelanders, I suggest you take this advice. Defy the hand you’re dealt.

The Cavaliers have dealt us all a losing hand and instead of crying about how we’re cursed, we should be going out and improving our city’s reputation by means in which we actually HAVE control. We’re all sick of the national media not giving us enough credit. We all have the capability to do something remarkable and be remembered for something. What have you done lately that is worth remembering?

I write this because on next weekend, May 22 and 23 I’m hosting my first ever Weapons of Mass Creation Festival right here in Cleveland. A year ago I was tired of waiting for the perfect fest that blended my love for art, film, and music. I was jealous that the city of Austin, a thousand miles away, lights up every year during SXSW. Instead of waiting around, I told myself I was going to make it happen right here in Cleveland. Start it out small and see what happened. 10 months later, we’re here.

Weapons of Mass Creation is a celebration of creative visionaries who defy the hand they’re dealt. It’s about being remarkable and pursuing your passion. My passion is creativity and doing things on your own terms. Not letting outside forces you can’t control dictate your happiness or impact. I’m bringing in local and national artists, designers, bands, filmmakers, and other creative leaders who inspire me and are living their lives with the mentality that you are in control of your own destiny. You have a passion and have the freedom to pursue it.

So come out to Parish Hall in the Gordon Square Arts District on May 22 and 23 and get inspired. There will be 10 bands, talented artists, inspiring speakers, and a few award winning films. Just in time to lift your spirits and remind you that you can be remarkable if you really want to be.

Check out to get you and your friends a printable e-ticket.

Remember Cleveland: defy the hand you’re dealt.

So that’s it, let’s see your article!