User Showcase Highlight 13

Somehow a whole half a year has zipped by since the last User Showcase Highlight Post, and that is a travesty. In the meantime you’ve more than doubled the number of images (now weighing in at 2,481) and gained 321 more members.

Here’s a selection of the pieces that caught my eye after flicking through a few dozen pages of artwork submitted by the cool folks in the Showcase Pool.

Revelation 5:5
by arg1986

go media user showcase highlight

This first image is my favorite image of a great series of similar works by arg1986. Yes, it may feature grunge, but I think it all comes across very purposeful. I also enjoyed the presentation; much less tired than the artist holding the poster up to cover his or her face.

Regarde-moi! by mike-friederich

user showcase image 3
This second selection is a great illustration and t-shirt mockup by mike-friederich. It’s the little things about this design that I enjoy – the time spent on the fine linework of the furry dude, the frenden-esque wood grain, the green light from the crazy eyes bouncing off the fingers.


If you get the chance, check out Mike’s full portfolio, but be prepared for your retinas to explode into overload mode.

Honorable Mention

go media user showcase highlight image 2
I like the colors & tangible movement surrounding the eyeball in this piece, but I could do without the swirl background & hastily applied typography. Still, Psicodelicia stood out among the images around it.

Congratulations to everyone who is part of the showcase! What does everyone else think about these selections?