Thread’s Not Dead live broadcast — The wrap-up

Hello GMZ readers! If you’re looking for the video from last Thursday’s live broadcast, you’ve come to the right place.

We wanted to summarize some of the things that were said during Jeff’s live broadcast about his ebook Thread’s Not Dead. First, the recorded version of the broadcast. Since it was a big first time for all of us, we ran into the unavoidable technical difficulties, but oh well. In the end, it all went rather well and smoothly.The recorded videos, however, might have a few gaps here and there. I also wish we could have a recording of the chat window to follow along.

The video is divided into 10 parts – which happened unintentionally (darn you, UStream!). To save you time, here’s what each part is about.

The longest part with the most information is Part 10.

  • Part 1 – Introduction to Thread’s Not Dead (TND) [1:30]
  • Part 2 – Discussion of what’s included in TND, as well as what’s going on with the audiobook version. Intro to the affiliate program. [2:00]
  • Part 3 – Further discussion of the affiliate program and how it can help you. Also, discussion of a hard copy publishing.  [2:20]
  • Part 4 – Jeff tells you how to help get the book published faster [1:30]
  • Part 5 – Brief discussion of WMC Fest [1:30]
  • Part 6 – Jeff starts taking questions [2:30]
  • Part 7 – More questions [1:30]
  • Part 8 – Questions [2:40]
  • Part 9 – Questions [4:10]
  • Part 10 – Questions – TND, WMC Fest, some others followed by a quick wrap up [31:00]

Thread's Not Dead - Ebook cover

Jeff answered questions about the book itself. It seems like there was and is a strong interest from people to buy a physical copy of the book, which is awesome. Jeff is working on that. In the mean time, there are TND stickers and an affiliate program to check out.

Thread's Not Dead Stickers

The second part of the broadcast went on to talk more generally about the design industry, how to start your own apparel line, but also Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (since it happens in 20 days or so). There’s a lot of great content in there for you to discover. We could go on for a while about what was talked about, but figure that you’d probably rather just sit back and relax while watching the video.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Poster