Weapons of Mass Creation Fest: 30 Days Away

Weapons of Mass Creation is a month away!

Oh boy, oh boy. I don’t even know where to start. I’m so excited about WMC Fest you know.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 - Horizontal banner

The amazing lineup

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the lineup and schedule by now? If not, here’s a reminder:


  1. Aaron Draplin
  2. Mig Reyes
  3. Mikey Burton
  4. David Gensler
  5. Quite Strong
  6. Jessi Arrington
  7. Josh Vanover
  8. Jeff Finley
  9. Jacob Edwards
  10. Todd Saperstein
  11. Joseph Hughes
  12. Len Peralta
  13. Jenn and Ken Visocky-O’Grady
  14. John Paul Walton
  15. Alex Cornell
  16. Dan Christofferson
  17. Oliver Barrett & Aaron “Pants” Sechrist
  18. William Beachy, Geoff May, & Steve Knerem
  19. Stephanie Rexroth
  20. Dan Cassaro

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 - The speakers

The speakers include many of the good folks from Go Media, but not only. It would be too easy to just do namedropping, but I have to admit it’s really tempting. I mean, Aaron Draplin, Mikey Burton, Alex Cornell… These people, although coming from various backgrounds and experiences, share the same drive to deliver the most fantastic stuff. And the best in that is that they love to speak about it. If you will be looking for me, I’ll be sitting in the first row of the Reinberger Auditorium.


  1. Gregory and the Hawk* (part of the pre-fest mixer show on June 10th)
  2. David Dondero* (part of the pre-fest mixer show on June 10th)
  3. Bethesda* (part of the pre-fest mixer show on June 10th)
  4. Humble Home* (part of the pre-fest mixer show on June 10th)
  5. Memoryhouse
  6. Lower Dens
  7. Nana Grizol
  8. Monokino
  9. Field Mouse
  10. Arrah and the Ferns
  11. Annabel
  12. Mose Giganticus
  13. She Bears
  14. Two Hand Fools
  15. Before the Eyewall
  16. Lowly the Tree Ghost
  17. Shivering Timbers
  18. Busman’s Holiday
  19. Signals Midwest
  20. American Werewolves
  21. The Lighthouse and the Whaler
  22. Esquire Mackentyre
  23. Nights
  24. Tom Evanchuck
  25. Red Sun
  26. Cherry Cola Champions

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 - The bands

I heard Mose Giganticus and The Lighthouse and the Whaler at last year’s WMC Fest. It was pretty amazing. I missed Dave Dondero’s set, and I’ve been told I shouldn’t have. I’m looking forward to Signals Midwest (remember Max the intern?). I’m sad Spraynard and Lavis Blake won’t make back this year, but oh well…

I think I’ll need a clone to be able to watch all of these guys light the Happy Dog on fire.


  1. Go Media
  2. Mikey Burton
  3. Aaron Draplin
  4. Alex Cornell
  5. Steve Knerem
  6. Jeff Hulligan
  7. Dan Christofferson
  8. Glen Infante
  9. David Gensler
  10. Angryblue
  11. OK Pants
  12. Brandon Rike
  13. Studio Ace of Spade
  14. Hucklebuck Studio
  15. Nate Utesch
  16. Dan Cassaro
  17. Barton Damer
  18. Geoff May
  19. Brandon Minga
  20. Maarten Kleyne
  21. Janee Meadows
  22. Mat MacQuarrie

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 - The designers

The art show will be at the same level as the rest: pure greatness. Some of the people that inspired me to become a designer (Angryblue for instance) are going to be there, show stuff and hang out. There’s also going to be some of the people I discovered while surfing too much on Dribbble, like Mikey Burton… We’ll also have Dan Cassaro (remember the 50 and 50 project?). And finally, let’s not forget the winners of the portfolio contest. It’s going to be just amazing. Oh, and we‘ll be there too. I hope that the Wall Eye Gallery has a big room.

Did you remember to Make a Pledge to WMC Fest?

We’re grateful that so many people volunteered, offered venue space for free, etc, etc. However, as one can guess, putting such an event together will cost a lot of money. That’s why we opened a Kickstarter fund. As I’m writing this, we already have 126 people that have pledged some money to help us. Will you dare to join them?

We can’t do this without your help. And if you back WMC Fest, you can get some pretty rad stuff in exchange. Money is only taken out of your account at the end if we meet our funding goal.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there, listening to your stories and adventures in the design world, and drooling over the amazing stuff that’s going to happen.