Snakes and Aceys

WMC Fest No Arms Screenprinting Challenge with Snakes and Aceys

In today’s WMC Fest 8 challenge video, Event Director Heather introduces you to Hannah Manocchio and Anthony Zart, otherwise known Snakes and Aceys. Things get awkward in the best way possible when twin powers activate and the dynamic duo transforms into one for a screenprinting challenge you won’t want to miss.  As you’ll see, Hannah and Anthony are a real treat, so make sure to come see them at this year’s event. They will be around all weekend long, not only speaking, but screenprinting, performing in bands, vending and more.

On the main stage, they’ll review their harrowing first year in business, including bloody details of lessons learned, provide lists of what not to do, and offer advice on starting a fantasy company in a real world with a partner who drives you batshit. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.

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