Lego Challenge

WMC Fest Lego Challenge with Sarah Yeager

Lego Challenge with Sarah Yeager

In today’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Challenge, we sit down with WMC Fest 8 speaker Sarah Yeager. Sarah Yeager is a graphic designer with a focus of User Interface and User Experience Design. She’s an avid lover of hack-a-thons and design competitions, Sarah has won awards such as “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Design” and “Most Market Ready Product” for her work on the security wearable, EmpoweRing.

As you’ll see in today’s video, Sarah is one pretty talented lego builder.

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Come see Sarah’s talk, “How Design Competitions Bring Us Together,” on Sunday, August 20th at this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. It’s from 3:35 to 4:15 pm on the main stage.

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Until then, learn more about Sarah here:
Sarah Yeager Design | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn