Tips for Facing Fear

Following Your Fear

Tips for Facing Fear

We posted this soundbite by Stefan Sagmeister from last year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest video by Aaron Freeder.

It got us thinking about the beauty of fear and how much it can influence our life and work. Today, we’re asking you to think about a fear that has been buzzing in your ear for far too long – the one related to work, your life’s passion, or a part of yourself you’ve been longing to reveal but haven’t due to worries of failure of rejection. Hear it loud and clear?

Here are some tips for following this fear here and now:

  1. Recognize that this fear is likely irrational. We often create irrational statements in order to keep ourselves from having to act upon fears we know will move us forward. It’s just easier that way, isn’t it? In order to move past these thoughts, try creating a list of your irrational thoughts, as well as any negative statements you’ve received from others. Then, next to each statement, explain why in your heart of hearts you know it actually isn’t the case.
  2. Understand that when you face this fear, future fears will seem less scary. Once you’ve faced this fear head on, you’ll be less likely to stay stagnant in the future. So, get moving and on your way to fear mastery!
  3. Try to reverse your thought pattern completely. When facing your fear, fill your brain with nothing but positive thoughts and flip the switch. For example, when deciding to leave your job and go out alone as a freelancer, put your game face on, show the world that you’re going to completely crush it. (Though you might be scared out of your wits.) We’re confident that you’ll crush it.
  4. Call upon your support system during this time. Reach out to friends and family who will support you 100%. If you don’t think someone will give you that, don’t reach out.
  5. Reach out to someone who’s faced this fear before. If you know someone who’s faced this fear before, give them a call, email, tweet. Chances are, they’ve come out on top, swinging, and they’ll be more than happy to give you some great insights. If not, read up on all the amazing folks who have faced their fears, failed and gone on to be the best of the best.
  6. Take a baby step. Completely thrilled, yet paralyzed at the thought of finally facing your fear? Take a small step, right now, which moves you closer to it.

Which baby step did you take today? Please let us know in the comments section or tweet us @go_media.

Good luck everyone!