Some behind-the-scene updates

October 2011 behind the scene update - Header by Studio Ace of Spade

Good news: better content on the way!

Hello guys, Simon here. Jon and myself have great news to share with you!

After WMC Fest 2011 wrapped up, Jeff, Adam and the others at Go Media were brainstorming hard about “what next.” Part of that “next” has to do with the Zine. Here’s what was decided: to revamp it a tad, as well as to start a new tutorial author recruiting campaign.

The objectives that were set for the recruiting campaign weren’t that complicated: find people being the best at what they do and have them write for us he most unique tutorials. The cool thing is that we were given lots of guidance and a solid backing from Go Media (aka cold hard $$$) to go knock on doors.

Setting the bar

In terms of quality, we decided to set the bar pretty high. Luckily for us, some of the previously published content of the Zine is matching up these renewed expectations. Remember the Lady Luck tutorial from our very own Bill Beachy?

This tutorial is 4500 words long. It describes extensively the process that Bill went through with his client Paul Davis from Black Ace Clothing, and that resulted in the creation of a pretty sweet vintage pinup illustration to be used as an apparel illustration. It covers the initial email exchanges with the client during the need assessment phase, the brainstorming and initial conceptualizing phases and sketches, further brainstorming and changes from the client’s end, and the execution.

We decided to not settle for less than that.

Who did we get in touch with?

Well, we want to keep it surprise, but let’s say that if you were in the Gordon Square Arts District on June 11 and 12 2011, you might have meet some of the future authors :-) From the first drafts we’ve been getting, I can already tell, it’s going to be awesome.

One more thing

Think you have what it takes to write one of these? Don’t forget you can always submit your tutorial ideas… And you should! We’re ready to listen to anyone willing to share their knowledge, for the benefit of all.