Podcast with Art Director Jillian Adel

Podcast: Why Jillian Adel is a Weapon of Mass Creation

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Podcast

In this new audio series by Go Media, we sit down and talk with the contributors, sponsors, and attendees of our design conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, to find out more about them and why they are Weapons of Mass Creation.

This time we sit down with WMC7 Speaker Jillian Adel.

Jillian is an Art Director, Designer and Typographic Illustrator who specializes in brand & communication design, key art, and typography. After years in NYC agency life. she made her way to Los Angeles to pursue her career independently. Clients include The New York Times, Pepsi, Intercom, HBO and Taco Bell, and most recently, has been spending time helping to build out Uber’s new brand system. Apart from design, she spends her time training at pole & exotic dance, contortion & aerial arts. She sometimes writes and talks about vulnerability and the inseparable connection between personal & professional life, educates about experimental typography, and operates on a platform of intuitive & empathetic solutions.

Become a Weapon of Mass Creation yourself when you attend our conference this August 5 – 7th! Tickets can be purchased at our official site, WMC Fest.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Podcast

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Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Podcast

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