Help us decide: What Templates are next?

Hey readers, you probably know by now that Go Media makes really cool t-shirt templates. We often get emailed suggestions for new mockup templates like pullover hoodies, jeans, cd packaging, etc. So we’re going to run a poll here to figure out for sure what you folks want. But first, why do we even need these templates?

Well, impressing our audience is a huge part of what we do. That means friends, bosses, department, clients, or the world. We’ve got to be able to turn heads and make people say “wow” about our latest work.

This is complicated stuff, and there’s no magic bullet. But one thing we’ve found to be true is that people are sensitive to how we present our work.

Imagine: If we’re designing a CD cover, which do you think makes a better first impression: A 7x7cm square JPG, or photo of the finished CD in plastic wrap on a shelf at Best Buy? Presenting our design in a realistic mockup helps people imagine the final product, and all the warm fuzzy feelings that come along with it.

Luckily, we can pull off a photo-realistic presentation like that in a few minutes in Photoshop with the right tools. And we’re going to build those tools. But first we need your help to decide what to do next.

There are so many different Mock up Template possibilities that we’re asking you to help make the decision: What’s next? What would really help you out day-to-day? Which of these templates do you think could help a client say “Yes – that’s what I want it to look like!”? Which templates could help you get clients excited about a project?

If you see think of a type of presentation template that isn’t included in these categories, you can add your answer. Please be cautious about adding answers, or this poll could get out of control. We can’t wait to see what you think.


Also feel free to leave a comment with ideas about presentation style, or how to impress clients during the proofing process.