Hey Newbies: Here are 6 Effective Ways to Improve your AI Skills

Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing tool meaning you can easily create unlimited amazing rasterized artwork or graphics with compromising on ideas and quality. It is an amazing tool that provides with a variety of tools that can help you design logos, mascots or any complex graphics. However, its true potential will be kept hidden unless you really learn how to utilize those tools. At Miami SEO, you will get an absolute training to hone your illustrator skills also providing you with link building services.

Here are some amazing tips that you can use turn your ideas into reality.

1. Get hang of Bezier:
Bezier is one of the trickiest and not the most favorite of most people. However, if you learn the tricks it is the most effective and powerful tool. Manipulating points and curves, click on the conjunction next to pen tool of press keywords Alt/shift. Keep on clicking the curve to make more control points to help you define your figures and turn them into the shape you want.

2. Strokes and paths:
Illustrator automatically strokes your path (if it’s formed using the Pen tool or a shape tool, etc.) with a 1pt black (and by default fills the shape with white if the points are connected). You can easily change the color using the swatches as desired.The small stroke and fill tool underneath the main tool pane lets you swap between the two selected objects.

3. Appearance panel:
If you want to have a quick view of the strokes and effects you have applied you can easily check them on appearance panel anytime. You can also quickly modify the stroke and fill type and color from swatches. If you’ve applied any effect that you want to change then you can easily write its name and click the name of it to go back and twist it. Extremely useful.

4. Easy brushes:
You can easily get natural media effects through illustrator. Illustrator offers a huge range of brush library. You can easily go to the brush panel on the left and apply the desired brush, for instance, you want paint strokes to your lines. Also by double clicking on the brush enables you to edit it which will by default reflect on your illustration.

5. The symbol tool:
Symbols are an easy way of making complex artwork quickly. Imagine you want a flock of birds. Simply draw one bird, then click it and using the Symbols board arrow menu, you can make it into a symbol. Then, select the Symbol Sprayer from the tool panel on the right and spray it around your page.

There are other tools that you can resize your symbols, color or rotate them giving a more natural look to your design or artwork.

6. Easy wrapping:
If you have objects that are looking a little uniform, illustrator provides you with effects tools to warp, roughen, pucker, bloat and normally subtly change their look. Use one or each tool (they are brush-based) to moderately warp and tweak your object. By double-clicking on each tool in the flyout, you can play with the options.