Free Vector Set 14 Sampler

vector pack 14 free sample

Well we hope it’s been worth the wait! To celebrate the release of Complete Vector Set 14 we’re sharing favorite pieces from each of the 7 packs. There’s a lot more to see though – look through the image galleries for more eye candy.

So far, we’ve released these three packs from Set 14:

  • Hand Drawn Wings
  • Ornate Patterns
  • Skeletons

And here’s what is new since the last sneak preview:

  • Superheroes
  • Sketchbook
  • Textile Patterns
  • Fight

Also, don’t forget to post your latest artwork on the Go Media User Showcase. If it catches our eye it could be featured here on the Go MediaZine! I hope you like the free samples, but if you get the chance check out the full set.

vector pack sampler preview


vector pack 14 screenshot