Go Media Podcast – Episode 20: Our 2013 Year in Review

In this episode, Jeff, Bryan, and Bill get together to talk about the successes and failures at Go Media in 2013.

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This episode was brought to you by The Arsenal. V3 has been soft launched. Lots of bugs, but a good look into how the Arsenal will look and feel as we move forward. For more information on that, go to Arsenal.GoMedia.us, take a test drive, and if you run into any bugs, let us know. Also sign up for the Arsenal newsletter to get early dibs on upcoming deals and more information about the products we’re releasing.

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Other Links

We recorded this live on GoMediaZine.com/live and streamed through our Mixlr channel as well as on YouTube:

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The YouTube feed is raw and unedited.

Heather was also taking pictures for the Go Media Instagram:

Bryan (left) and Jeff (right) listen to Bill (not pictured) list through the failures of 2013.


Hosts: Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy
Producer: Bryan Garvin
Recorded at: Go Media

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This episode was recorded live on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at gomediazine.com/live. Next recording will be Monday, February 10th, 2014.

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