Design Business | Get Your Questions Answered!

Hey Go Media faithful! I am just now one month into writing my book! If you’re unfamiliar with it, I’m writing a book about how to build a design firm. It’s basically my life story up to this point. I’d say it’s half autobiography and half how-to. Rest assured that the autobiographical part of the book focuses on life stories that pertain to building my design business. Specifically, I tell lots of stories about how I’ve failed – miserably. Hopefully these stories will be both entertaining as well as informative. Even if you’re just working as a freelance designer and have no intention of building yourself into a firm, this book will be chalk-full of design business insights and life lessons.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post. I would like to answer all your legal and accounting questions in this book. I am currently scheduling time with Go Media’s accountants and lawyers. But, I don’t know what nagging questions are keeping you up at night! So, if you wouldn’t mind sharing your burning questions with me, I’ll get you professional answers! You can either add your questions as comments below this post, or e-mail me directly at: [email protected]. If you’re going to e-mail me your questions, please make the subject: “Burning Questions.”