At-Home Office Inspiration

The 2017 Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Ultimate At-Home Office

At-Home Office Inspiration

If you’re thinking about starting your own business or are in the early stages of developing an existing company, you know that office space is an expense that can overwhelm even small budgets. At Modernize, we know that choosing to work from home may be the only option for startups and small business owners, but there are ways to make it work in even the busiest of homes. Here are some of our top tips to help you create the ultimate contemporary at-home office.

Upgrade your office technology

21st century businesses and technology are so intertwined that it’s hard to think of an entrepreneur who doesn’t have an online presence. That’s why setting your home office up for tech success should be at the top of your priority list . A strong, fast, and reliable WiFi connection and a business phone line are essentials. The latest operating systems and online or remote payment devices will also help your business flourish from the comfort of your home. If you want to increase your productivity and keep on top of your daily tasks, consider downloading a few apps and programs to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to help organize your business affairs and make the most of your work day.

Inject some color into your space

Once you know that the lines of communication are open in your at-home office, you can turn your attention to decorating and organizing your workspace. A productive work environment doesn’t have to be boring, so make a statement with a few bright colors in the latest trendy hues. Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017, and other bright, tropical colors are hot on its tail. If you prefer a less in-your-face office space, go monochromatic or neutral with your color scheme and use fresh foliage, bouquets, and modern art prints to bring in a splash of color. Finally, don’t forget to use natural light as much as possible to accentuate your new office design and keep your productivity high.

Mix and match design styles

Interior designers used to insist upon one and only one design style for your home, but contemporary design is all about mixing and matching. Many of the trendiest styles for 2017 contain a variety of contrasting design elements that work surprisingly well together—especially in home offices. Scandinavian design, for example, is a clever and affordable mix of modern minimalism and rustic charm and provides an excellent way of injecting a bit of professionalism into the workspaces of your home without making it appear too clinical. If your personal design style is slightly more trendsetting, you can incorporate a more industrial feel that mimics urban office environments, or try adding a few vintage pieces for texture and intrigue.

Get creative with storage

Storage and organization are key parts of any office environment, so incorporating these elements in your at-home office space will help you to focus while keeping your office neat and tidy. If you love order, color coded and uniform boxes, bins, and paper trays will help organize your paperwork and files. If upcycling is more your style, you can repurpose just about any old piece of furniture for extra storage and workspace in your home office. The storage choices you make are up to you, but we recommend finding solutions that will bring out your personal design style while also catering to your business interest.

Give your office a personality

One of the best parts of working from home is having the freedom to decorate your office space any way you see fit. Going overboard with decorative accessories and other design elements is not the goal here, but a few handpicked personal effects in your at-home office will give you a space that you enjoy working in day after day. Select a few unique, comfortable pieces of furniture that bring you joy and productivity, and remember to maximize workspace whenever possible. Add a few decorative accessories such as patterned cushions and rugs and softly lit table lamps to make your office feel like an extension of your home. Finally, complete your office with a few significant photos or heirlooms that will remind you why you go to work every morning.