User Experience Design

The user's experience is defined by the information they're presented, the options they have and what steps they take to accomplish their journey.

Any good user experience starts with a simple intuitive design, but we like to take the customer experience further. When using your website or app, we want your customers to think: "Ooohh, that was fun!" They should be surprised and delighted at the everyday process of filling out a form, finding some relevant information or utilizing your app's functionality. We call that "sticky" because it makes people want to come back and use it again. And what's better for your business than people coming back for more?

Getting Started with UX Design

We start with an in-depth analysis of your company. We want to know your clients, your industry and the goals of your website. This gives us an idea of where to start with the Information Architecture of your site. Information architecture is critical to user experience design because it involves organizing, labeling and structuring the information on your website in such a way that the user journey is made easy.

While some companies prefer to leave user navigation to chance, this sort of "just let it happen" approach almost always fails. Why? Because visitors will bounce quickly if they don't find what they're looking for fast. Good user experience design is like a map and flashlight, leading the way.

Our user experience/user interface (UI/UX) design process starts with pencil sketches and wireframes. Wireframes are like construction blueprints. They are simplified web page layouts. They give you a general page layout that shows where images, links and text will go. Critically, they show you the overall hierarchy of each page and options the user has available to them.

User experience design is better with good user interface design.

At Go Media, we recognize that even great user experience design is made better when paired with great user interface design. For this reason, you frequently see user interface design and user experience design marketed together as UI/UX. They're kind of like peanut butter and jelly. Individually, they're both great and can stand on their own, but they're at their best when brought together!

Of course, you want to start with the end in mind as you design. This means that we need to decide on the user experience first, then design the interface.

At Go Media we love to make fun and beautiful user interfaces. Every button, field, info box, image, form and function is an opportunity to delight your website users.

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User Experience Design

Looking for a UI or UX Designer in Cleveland, Ohio? Go Media has some of the best. We provide expert consultation & design for mobile, tablet and desktop apps.

"Begin with the end in mind."   "To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now so that the steps you take are always in the right direction." - Dr. Stephen R. Covey

This renowned paradigm from the Seven Habits is about as true in User Interface and User Experience design as it is anywhere. It is critical to take the appropriate steps in planning and design of custom software as early as possible in the process. Go Media has nearly two decades of experience in the digital and software space. We can guide you in taking the steps that are right and appropriate for your next project. We offer Information Architecture, User Interface Design, User Experience Planning & Design and many other phases of mobile, tablet and desktop application design and development.

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If your website was a movie...

If your website was a movie, your user experience design would be the way you tell your story. Your 'movie's' (website's) user interface design would probably start with storyboards. Storyboards are rough sketches of movie scenes. Line up enough of these sketches and you can begin to get a sense of how the story will be told. Similarly, wireframes are rough sketches of your website pages. Design enough wireframes and you can begin to see how your customer's experience will unfold.

Good user experience design:
Gives customers a pleasent journey
Increases the time users spend on your site
Increases brand loyalty
Increases sales
Reduces cart abandonment
Helps customers find what they're looking for
Increases customer satisfaction

Customers may not fully realize why they prefer using your site over a competitor, but but it's likely the user experience design combined with a beautiful user interface.


Once we have established information architecture, work through the user experience with wireframes.

Wireframes are the skeleton of your website layout. It's what allows us to identify what objectives you have for your visitors so we can help guide them through it. With wireframe mock-ups, we are able to determine the easiest possible path for visitors to find what they're looking for when they get to your site.
When we're drawing up these wireframes, our design team is acutely aware of the ergonomics of the user experience. Ergonomics in design refers to the science of arranging or designing things in a way that ensures personal interaction is as safe and efficient as it can be. In doing this, our Cleveland web developers will consider the habits of visitors to your site. We take into account their age, education, experience and expectations. That gives us the opportunity to ensure their navigation experience is intuitive, organic and adaptable.

Keys to a Successful User Experience Design

Great user experience design includes:

Reducing steps (clicks) necessary for users to accomplish their goals
Reusing customer patterns to establish familiarity
Ensuring that each layout is well thought through
Considering a users secondary and tertiary goals
Hierarchical navigation
Covering user questions and concerns
Communicating to the user where they are, and where they're going

Creating Cleveland's Best User Experience Design

Our Northeast Ohio staff is trained in the art of visual communications. We've helped our clients big and small to improve their website experience; growing sales and improving user journeys.

With more than two decades of experience in the digital and software space, our team offers:

Website Design

Go Media builds fully responsive and easy-to-edit websites that yield results.  


User Interface Design

Next level pixel perfect beautiful user interfaces are what Go Media is known for.

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Search Engine Optimization

Even the very best website is worthless if nobody sees it. We optimize your website for high performance across search engines.


E-commerce Design and Development

Go Media builds custom flexible and powerful e-commerce solutions on the industries leading platform.


Web Hosting

Go Media has dedicated managed servers with AWS. Our servers are fast and feature a CDN, rocket cache and a 99.9% uptime.


Website Maintenance

Keeping your website software updated is critical to long-term performance and security. We take care of this so you don't have to think about it.


Branding and Logo Design

Also referred to as branding, the talented designers at Go Media love to work through a complete and cohesive visual experience.


Branding and Logo Design

Also referred to as branding, the talented designers at Go Media love to work through a complete and cohesive visual experience.

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