Managed Hosting is offered exclusively to clients for whom we have developed custom websites and applications.

Our Go Media Cleveland web design team offers this privately-administered service that involves setup, monitoring, maintenance, security and patching.

Your website is often the first and most important touchpoint for consumers. That means it not only has to look good, it must always be functional and responsive.

We offer custom support services with our exclusive managed hosting. We achieve this through privately-managed cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Google. Go Media has offered development and managed hosting of websites and internet applications since 1996.

You can depend on our highly-knowledgeable team of web developers and support staff, who operate servers and Cloud Instances with data centers in facilities around the globe. Managed hosting services offered exclusively to our clients offers the benefit of high-performance, security, stability and control of their online systems.

What is Managed Hosting?

In layman's terms, managed hosting is a process by which a web host will undertake the operation of your web server so you don't have to.

Managed hosting is ideal for companies that lack either the knowledge or the time to establish their server space according to their specific business needs.

Usually, the need for managed hosting arises when company staff has limited knowledge of IT systems. It is especially important when websites are very popular and require a robust managed hosting solution. E-mail and websites are considered mission-critical to the majority of businesses. Even minor glitches can cause serious setbacks. Relying on a capable managed hosting firm provides peace of mind.

But even when an organization has resources to assist with managed hosting, those resources are often best allocated to other tasks.

You're in good hands with our team of server administrators who apply updates and troubleshoot bottlenecks 24 hours a day.

From first contact to proposal, design to deployment, here at Go Media your success is our own. Once you are up and running, we are available to provide expert guidance on scalability, deployments, SSL, content delivery networks (CDN), load balancing, databases and more. You're in good hands with our team of server administrators who apply updates and troubleshoot bottlenecks 24 hours a day.  Working with three of the most trusted datacenters in the world, Rackspace, Google and Amazon Web Services, once up and running you can rest assured you'll be running on the latest technology and with the best engineers in the business.

Some of the services available through Go Media's Managed Hosting of your website include:


Service Plans & Retainers

Your website is not something you want to set and forget. Page content, blogs, social media and SEO should be kept relevant and active if you expect new and repeat customers to pay you a visit. Our Service Plans make us an extension of your team to handle this work for you.


Extended Warranty & Maintenance Plans

Stretch the life of your investment into your websites by having the web development experts at Go Media maintain them for you. Software and plugin updates can lead to unforseen issues. By extending the warranty of a custom developed website, you can count on this fallout to be carefully avoided or immediately fixed.


Automatic and manual updates

Software is constantly evolving and so are cyber threats. Running the latest and greatest versions of the apps you depend on should be an ongoing priority for every organization.


24/7 On-call maintenance

Keeping your site online is our mission-critical priority, every hour of every day.


Distributed Systems & Redundancy

High availability web services are only as good as they are redundant. If your hosting infrastructure is not designed for the risk of a datacenter outage, it won't matter how big or fast your servers  when that provider is offline. We implement durable hosting for worst-case scenarios.


Disaster Recovery

Daily backups, high availability and contingency plans for the unexpected have been baked into the design of our infrastructure and system administration.

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Domain name registration & DNS management

Go Media is a verified tier 2 domain name provider. We provide domain registrations, renewals and domain name systems management and support services.


Security & Suspicious Activity Monitoring

As System Administrators we set up and maintain the defensive frontline of a high availability cloud infrastructure. This includes a variety of Web Application Firewalls, threat detection, antivirus and patch management solutions.


Email Spam Solutions

As a Google Workspace, Gmail and Email Marketing provider, Go Media can implement configurations from the domain level on down to ensure good emails make it to their destination and the bad ones don't.

Hosting Infrastructure

The complexities and demands of today's internet require an incredible degree of specialization. We believe in contributing to, partnering with and relying on ecosystems in the enterprise and open-source space. Don't go it alone. Go Media can stand up and manage a high availability cloud computing infrastructure to handle any volume of web traffic.


Benefits of Managed Hosting

Go Media offers managed hosting to our web design clients for an additional fee. Sometimes, clients ask why they should pay a us, an outside firm, to host a site when they already have an internal IT staff. Aside from the reasons mentioned above (lack of knowledge and time), there are a number of benefits that make managed hosting a great value.

  1. If you have IT professionals on staff, you know how expensive it is to employ them. Their time is often better spent on other tasks. Plus, our web hosts have concentrated knowledge of your website that allows us to respond faster and more effectively to critical server issues. If your email or website is down, fast action is imperative.
  2. Firms that strike out on their own for web hosting will soon learn it's very expensive. As web hosts, we are in the best position to garner bulk rates for hardware, software, server space and bandwidth. In the end, that saves our clients money.
  3. Issues can and do crop up outside the normal 9-to-5 business hours. Ensuring your in-house technical staff will be available to monitor the servers and fix errors 24/7 is very costly. We offer a flat monthly rate for these services. That means you don't need to sweat every update or fix.

Go Media's web managed hosting team  has been operating for years on updated Cloud system architecture. The good news for you is that we have no interest in becoming a commodity hosting company. Our No. 1 goal is provide the very best hosting to OUR clients to ensure the websites we develop:

  • Stay online.
  • Perform the very best the can.

Another key benefit of choosing Go Media is that we offer customized managed hosting solutions. We recognize that no one solution is going to work for everyone. This is especially important for companies that have many different business units and diverse technologies to support. Customized solutions make everyone's lives easier.

We also work to ensure scalability. We understand that what works for you now may not be adequate or necessary in five years. You want to be easily scalable as your business grows or changes. When trust our managed hosting team, we can help accelerate the process.

To learn more about our Cleveland Web Design and Cleveland Managed Hosting Services, call Go Media at 216.939.0000 or contact us online.