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Graphic Design

Graphic design is the craft of art with a purpose.

It is the ability to effectively use images, color, symbols or sometimes even words to creatively and systematically achieve certain goals. It involves visual communication that aesthetically expresses an organizational mission using a myriad of graphic design tools.

Quality graphic design does more than just make something pretty. It can be powerful. It enhances the potency of your print piece.

Whether you are trying to sell a product or change your branding direction or simply deliver a consistent message, our talented Cleveland graphic designers are ready to help you accomplish your goals.

Areas of Go Media's Cleveland Graphic Design Expertise: 

  • Illustration - Custom illustration is one of the bedrocks of Go Media's talent. Most of our cover art is conceptualized in-house and illustrated by hand. Mascot Design and Apparel Design are two for which we have received widespread recognition.
  • Typography - Our graphic design team takes special care to craft custom typography designs that will properly convey your brand and message to your audience.
  • Print Design - This includes a host of elements, including: Poster Design’, ‘Book Cover DesignAd, Album Art, Annual Reports, Banner, Billboard, Book, Book Cover, Brochure, Business Card, Calendar, Catalog, Cd Booklet, Cd Sleeve, Door Hanger, Dvd/cdr, Envelope, Tradeshow Display, Flyer, Folder, Hang Tag, Invitation, Label, Letterhead, Magazine, Mailer, Menu, Newsletter, Notepad, Postcard, Poster, Program, Sell Sheet, Stage Scrim Sticker, Table Tent TicketVehicle Wrap
  • Packaging Design - Effective packaging design has to do more than look good on a store shelf. It has to prompt action. Consumer interest has to be captured right away, and they need to know what it is, what makes it work and why they should buy it. Whether the look is sleek and sophisticated or loud and extreme, our graphic design team will work to find the best way to package your product.

Graphics can be image-based (using photos, logos, symbols and illustrations) or type-based (primarily focused on words, letters or numbers). In some cases, it can be a combination of these techniques.

Main Components of Graphic Design

  • Lines. Your graphic designer understands lines the way a professional hairdresser understands each strand. Whether it is wavy or arrow-straight, thick or thing - the possibilities with lines are infinite. A talented graphic design professional will use lines to separate content in a layout or divide a certain space. Lines can also be used to help guide the eye of the user, thus making the design overall more user-friendly and improving brand experience.
  • Color. This is a critical element. Sometimes it is bold and splashy. Sometimes it is subdued and cold. Sometimes, it's the absence of color that speaks the greatest volumes. Our Cleveland graphic design team has a thorough understanding of color theory, and we meticulously work to influence the design and brand messaging by carefully integrating color throughout the piece.
  • Shapes. Effective use of shapes involves will creatively fill a given space, using every inch to our advantage. In some cases, even white space can be used to incorporate a shape, creating clarity and design structure.
  • Typeface. The kind of font we use transforms bland, informational copy into artwork. Depending on how we size it, align it, color it and turn it, typeface is a form of communication in and of itself.
  • Texture. Some graphic design artists will make texture an afterthought. The fact is, a matte finish versus a glossy finish can have a major impact on the potential of your advertisement, brochure or business card. We understand that. We use it.

Why Do I Need a Graphic Designer?

It can be tempting, particularly for smaller business owners, to cut corners on things like marketing, branding and design. The problem is these can make your company look and feel cheap, and that can be costly in both the short- and long-term.

Our Cleveland graphic designers are experts. Sure, anyone can open into a Microsoft Office program and slap together a basic piece. But it takes a creative expert to know customize a design that is going to work best for your business. Our graphic design team has decades of experience and we understand the best approach to help you communicate your products and services to your customers. We understand your competition, and we can help you do it better.

Your graphic designer can help you:

  • Save Time. You have a business to run. Working on designing brochures, apparel, logos or powerpoint templates will quickly consume you - especially if you are just diving into it all for the first time. Our graphic design staff will not only be able to do it better, but much faster.
  • Save Money. Our graphic design team knows how to keep your material and printing costs to a minimum by creating designs and layouts that will look fantastic no matter what medium you are using.
  • Maintain Consistency. Our designers create a brand bible and brand style guide that helps you - and your team - recognize what fonts, sizes, colors and patterns you need to use in order to keep your branding consistent.
  • Make the Right Statement. If your logo or overall look is shoddy and second-rate, people will believe that to be a reflection of your products and services. When you have a distinct, memorable design that looks like it took great care, that's how people will remember your products and services too.
  • Achieve Your Goals. We meet many business owners who know what they want - but they have no idea how to convey it. We can help you realize your vision and make sure your marketing materials are a positive reflection of your firm.

To learn more about our Cleveland graphic design services, call Go Media at 216.939.0000 or contact us online.

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