Custom illustration is the bedrock of our Cleveland graphic design team’s talents. Paper and ink are woven the fabric at Go Media.

Our skill in marketing and advertising is unmatched – but we are and have always been artists first and foremost.

We believe illustration should be unique and interesting, but also versatile and functional. We breathe life into your ideas with stunning, memorable illustrations that are authentic and appeal best to your clients and fans.

Most illustration cover art at Go Media is conceptualized in-house and then drawn by hand. Our expertise in the arena of illustration is one of the things that truly sets this Cleveland design firm apart from all the rest.

Cleveland Illustration Services

Our design and illustration experts know that nothing draws the eyes to a piece better than custom illustration. Most consumers are ad-savvy. That means they immediately and instinctively spy stock photography, overused fonts and clip art. That’s not to say those elements have no use whatsoever. But if you truly want to stand out and set your brand apart from the rest, there are few elements more captivating than original illustration.

Winning art on your book cover, apparel, car decal, billboard, website or business card can boost your business profile and elevate brand experience for your customers. Your competitors won’t be able to hold a candle to your cover art because Go Media illustrators fully dedicate ourselves to each and every design. Effective illustration works to not only to engage, but also to compliment and clarify your message. We enjoy the challenges of creating illustration solutions that work for you!

Whether you are looking for a full corporate brand development or smaller piecemeal project, our design team is committed to offering you the very best in custom illustration.

The Evolution of Illustration

There was a time when graphic design and illustration were two distinct fields. In the 20th century, illustrators were highly regarded as artists. While graphic designers were mostly anonymous, illustrators were well-recognized and renowned (think Normal Rockwell). Graphic design was more about conveying marketing material, while illustration was a way to use vivid images to convey a deeper message. Illustration struck a deeper cord with the masses. Illustrators were more focused on political and social commentary, whereas graphic designers were mostly centered in advertising.

But as the digital age dawned, graphic designers could create elaborate computerized illustrations on their desktop devices much faster and with great precision. It didn’t necessarily involve less talent, but a different kind of talent. Graphic designers could now be illustrators and they could use those vivid, intricate images for marketing and sales.

That doesn’t mean all graphic designers are artists, and there is still a great deal of value in possessing that intrinsic artistic ability.

The ability to hand-draw designs gives our illustration team a unique edge. Hand-sketching allows us to quickly develop:

  • Design concepts;
  • Basic composition and/ or layout;
  • Client communication and approval;
  • Refining of visual solutions.

Until the day we can directly transfer what is in our heads to a computer screen, hand-drawing illustrations before they are translated into a digital format has many advantages.

So while applications and uses of illustration have grown exponentially in recent years, at its core, quality art and skill is still essential.

Why Go Media Illustration

The illustration process is incredibly complex, and there are numerous considerations to be made, including:

  • Style
  • Color
  • Detail
  • Medium
  • Weighing Positive/ Negative Space

The illustrators at Go Media are recognized experts in the industry. Consider Go Media President William Beachy’s much-shared, “This is Dirty” from sketch to vector illustration video tutorial. It’s a detailed and excellent example of the many steps of the process – from supplies, to drawing to scanning to vector/inking to coloring.

Yes, you can outsource illustrators on the cheap from overseas, but you will not get the kind of quality that your firm deserves. Illustration is a skill our Cleveland designers have fine-tuned over the course of decades. It’s a great source of pride for us, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

To learn more about our Cleveland illustration services, call Go Media at 216.939.0000 or contact us online.