Cleveland Public Theatre, after partnering with Go Media on WMC Fest 4, was in need of a website overhaul. From displaying their attractions in a much more visually engaging way, to increasing the functionality of browsing and booking seats... We built their new website on a system which allows for full management of their calendar and event coordination. Visit their live, responsive website here.


Notes from the design team

CPT presented a very interesting set of opportunities in terms of the new website design. We felt there was a lacking sense of energy you come to expect from live performances and attractions, so we treated the homepage something like a present-day take on a theatre marquee. That space dedicated to the upcoming or featured attractions creates a highly visual impact we felt was important. From there we built a page layout that helped clean up the user experience, and struck a cohesive balance between the attraction's key visuals and additional information in the form of copy. In the end, the website design we came up with feels intuitive to browse and use.


Below is an alternate homepage design that features a full screen slider.


Notes from the development team

The Cleveland Public Theater Website is a custom-built responsive website. It features a user friendly administration area that allows all front-end content to be managed without requiring advanced skills. We seamlessly implemented CPT's existing methodology for organizing performances by date and category. We extended a popular events plugin to handle the publishing and organization of CPT's performances which include various options and metadata. We integrated the existing third-party ticket purchasing system to handle all sales. We leveraged our CMS to facilitate publishing a large archive of photographs and videos. The result is a beautiful site that features CPT's beautiful event art and imagery, is simple and intuitive to use and yet brimming with content and functionality.