Earnest Machine - Big Bolt Responsive Website Design

For companies like Big Bolts, a progressive leader in the fastener industry, making their products fun can be a hefty task. Go Media to the rescue!

Go Media had previously worked with Big Bolts on an event takeaway for their sales manager to use at a national convention. Our illustrations and cleverly placed company ‘ads’ surprised and delighted event attendees and set Big Bolts apart from the sea of exhibitors.

Earnest Machines Print Design Guidebook - header 5

We were ecstatic when they came to us again for a brand new website design and logo for their "Big Bolts" product category. Big Bolts wanted to take a seemingly stagnant product group and give it a face lift. Big Bolts were often overlooked on their current website design and it was a category they wanted to show more love. Go Media worked closely with our friends at Big Bolts to create a fun and funky website design that spiced up the look-and-feel of their products and made shopping for an industrial product like "big bolts" fun!

Earnest Machine - Big Bolts Website Design - Homepage

Earnest Machine - Big Bolts Website Design - Product Page

We also conceptualized and created a brand new product category logo that went along with the exuberant look of the website.

Earnest Machine - Big Bolt Website Design - Logo