On The Map CLE Series 3

On the Map is a video series produced by Go Media. For our third installment, Go Media worked again with Cleveland videographers Purple Films. We took things in a bit of a different direction in our third year by focusing on neighborhoods of Cleveland as well as sticking to our roots of featuring the coolest businesses and artists in Cleveland. The 2013 series featured the following Cleveland neighborhoods and hot-spots: University Circle, Downtown Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Ohio City, Momocho, F*Sho, and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

University Circle

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ University Circle

Downtown Cleveland

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland Heights

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ Cleveland Heights

Ohio City

Portrait of a Cleveland neighborhood ~ Ohio City


Momocho is an innovative, hip & exciting Ohio City restaurant highlighting Mexican cuisine with a focus on seasonal & local ingredients combined with unique presentations that capture the spirit of Mexico! Check out our video featuring a conversation with Momocho’s Eric Williams.


F*SHO is Cleveland’s premier furniture show. Featuring local designers that have created works seen all around Cleveland! From restaurants to store fronts and even bike racks. Check out our spotlight on Cleveland’s annual furniture design show.

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens has over 10 acres of beautiful outdoor gardens as well as a Glasshouse that transports you to the Costa Rican rainforest full of plants, butterflies and birds, as well as to the spiny desert of Madagascar. Check out this video to experience a day in the life at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.