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Sakeachi Productions

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Cleveland Videographer Sakeachi Productions is Heather Sakai and William Beachy. This Cleveland Video Production team began as two crazy kids with one big dream: to star in a music video of epic productions. Their first video, Any Which Way, was created thanks to many kind donations via Kickstarter, several local businesses where they got down, dirty and disco, and also the time and talent of family and friends. The video was shot Cleveland cinematographers Purple Films, with Sakeachi on as Art Directors and Editors.

Cleveland Videographer, Sakeachi Productions, also wrote and produced Bigger, a comedy sketch on the life of a graphic designer, with support from Go Media.

In Bigger, horror client Debra requests that everything in her design be made bigger so that it will “jump off the page.” Go Media designer William Beachy attempts to explain why this is a bad idea. Thanks to 8-year-old voice actor extraordinaire Helen Sakai.

Sakeachi Productions, in collaboration with Go Media, is also responsible for the creation of all aspects of the Dirty Energy Commercial.  From character development to video production to editing, they enjoyed helping being a part of building the brand from the ground up.