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MODE Studios

Mode Studios is a Seattle based creative & technical outfit with a focus on elaborate stage décor, displays, video direction and special event visuals.

Their experience runs the gamut from constructing the world’s largest LED display in Beijing, to all the visuals for the world tours of LeAnn Rimes, Nickel Back (they were cool once), 3 Doors Down and many others. When they approached us with an opportunity to give their brand a facelift as well as provide a fun Flash site to showcase their cool event photos, we were chomping at the bit. MODE would give the designers at Go Media creative freedom to come up with something cool under one condition, it had to be “shizzle beautiful”.

MODE Studios Website Design

Liz Hunt would oversee the information design and management of the project. Chris Comella came up with a concept of this grimy, busy workshop floor, based on our understanding of what MODE does. Our understanding being that MODE is a wild and crazy creative studio first and a technical, knitty-gritty, down in the orchestra pit trenches with a bunch of heavy visual equipment, group of producers second. The end result became this unwieldy collage of random photos, notes, scratches, cables, equipment and then some.

MODE Studios Website Design

A prerequisite to using Flash (yeah, Flash was cool once, too) as our media of choice was that the site needed to be updatable through a content management system. We achieved this with our open sources CMS of choice, Drupal. Dave Romsey then extended Drupal with custom template output that would expose XML views of MODE’s content in Drupal. Wil Revehl wrote the Flash Actionscript for animating the site, and consuming the various XML feeds. Building the Flash CMS with Drupal also gave us the freedom to provide MODE their own blogging portal, an important addition to increasing brand awareness and client engagement.

MODE Studios Website Design MODE Studios Website Design