User Showcase Contest: $100 & more in Prizes

user showcase contest
Sorry, this contest is closed. Winners have been chosen and babies born. Check out who won in our results post.

Many talented artists have submitted their work to the Go Media User Showcase, which as of now has 970 entries. Not too long ago dugdaman suggested that it would be cool “if we could vote on the best ones and also offer design feedback to anyone who asks”. Well thanks for inspiring this contest dugdaman! The pieces picked for this contest are all really great, but I’m excited to see how everyone votes.


We’ve narrowed the choices down to ten entries, but we’re counting on you to decide who is most deserving! So, take a careful look at each entry and cast your vote in the poll box at the bottom of this post. If you’ve got a personal favorite that isn’t featured as an entry, let us know in the comments. The entries are shown in no particular order and traverse many different areas from apparel design to editorial layout (we didn’t say it would be easy to choose!).


First Prize:
$100.00 in cash & Complete Go Media Vector Set of choice.
Second Prize:
One Go Media Vector Pack of choice.


You can only vote for one entry, so be sure to get a look at all of them and pick your favorite. Get your vote in by 12:00pm Eastern Time August 8th (Friday), and we’ll crown the winner sometime that afternoon.

Without further ado…

A.. Fugitive by Fugitive-Mind
Fugitive Vote Now!

B. Borek 2008 by davidmac527
Borek 2008
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C. Phantom Planet by sundaycritic626 Phantom Planet
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Bare Skin by Francesco Mugnai Bare Skin
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E. Untitled Girl by Utilizzo Design Untitled Girl
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F. Full of by I,Valor Full of
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G. Gravity_Failure by jasperiogravity_failure
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H. Balance of Honor by SubConArt Balance of Honor
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I. “Gunner” Skateboard Deck by j_tenkely
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J. Massal2 by lenakodci

Congratulations to all ten of our hand-picked finalists! Being in the top 1% of the User Showcase is already a reason to celebrate. Really great job everybody!