Men's Crew Neck PSD Mockups

Men’s Crew Neck PSD Mockups featuring Displacement Maps

We are overjoyed to announce the premiere of a brand new mockup pack: Our Men’s Crew Neck PSD Mockups!

This Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt Mockup Templates Pack contains a full set of men’s crew neck mockup templates. This includes regular men’s crew neck t-shirts that are “ghosted”, or appear to have a body shape and those that are laid flat. These shirts have no distressing and are plain men’s crews.

Why are these mockups special, you ask?

What makes this pack really special is that these men’s crew neck PSD mockups feature displacement maps! These maps work in magical ways, making it so that your designs wrap around the ghosted tees like a warm hug.

Men's Crew Neck PSD Mockups Men's Crew Neck PSD Mockups

The Men’s Crew Neck PSD Mockups includes:

  • 5 Men’s Crew Neck T Shirt Templates
  • Flat Views – 1 Front and 1 Back
  • Ghosted Views (featuring displacement maps) – 1 Front, 1 Back, 1 Side
  • PSDs, all shadowed, highlighted, layered and masked for ease of use

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