Crazy Idea? Go Media Offers Design Help via Twitter

Get Design help via Twitter from Go Media

Go Media is trying something new here. We’re using our official twitter account to offer design help and customer service. Crazy? Maybe.

Basically, designers like you can ask a question and we’ll try to answer it. It’s like having a know-it-all designer working next to you that you can bug from time to time!

We could be opening up a can of worms here, but we think it will work. I know most designers probably wouldn’t want hundreds of people asking them where the “make it cool” filter is or “How do I use Photoshop?” But we’re hoping we can actually offer some real help here. Let’s make it work!

Read up on the new project and find out how you can get involved.

For the future: If this works out, we plan to get some of our favorite designers to help out as well. Imagine having a network of brilliant designers there to give you tips when you need it? It could happen.