An Arsenal First!

Go Media Font Vandal Graffiti
If you’ve hopped over to the Go Media Arsenal lately you might have noticed quite a few recent updates.

Animated Arrows Motion Pack BoxIn the last two weeks we’ve released a new motion pack and two new fonts. I’m pretty excited that the new graffiti font Go Vandal comes with an exclusive vector pack to jack up the final results (yes Steve, we’re listening to your suggestions!). So for the first time in an Arsenal product, you get a true type font and also a vector pack containing each vector letter, symbol, and extra graffiti flourishes. All this adds up to a really custom graffiti lettering package. I can’t wait to see what our readers come up with over in the User Showcase!

Actually for a good example of Go Vandal in action, check out the box to the new motion pack – Animated Arrows. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then animation is…? Well just download some samples and mess around trying to recreate some MTV splash screens.