Jeff’s Weekly Review July 21-29

Judging by the welcoming response to last week’s review, I’ll go ahead and continue with this one. You suggested that I keep posting the reviews because it reminds you that you’re either a) slacking off and need to get to work or b) “oh, i’m not as much of a slacker as I thought!” Here’s what I got accomplished this week.

  • Worked on a simple wordpress theme with Adam Law for a redesign of Red Ferret
  • Did some sketches for a few illustrations for Complex Magazine. Oliver and I start final concepts this week.
  • My Trivium Design from last week along with some from Dave and Oliver all got approved. See below for those.
  • Assigned a job for Chris Comella. Write an article about the why packaging design is awesome.
  • Worked on a tee for New Kids on the Block. I might need to do some more this week.
  • Successfully participated in my second “Jam Night” – I played drums with a couple other musicians on Tuesday nights. It’s fun to get out and play with people I’ve never met that are 30 years my senior.
  • Started working on Phase 3 of the Arsenal. The customization of the “My Account” section.
  • Cleaned one of the toilets at Go Media for my chore. We use Chorebuster around here to keep things tidy.
  • Published part 1 of the 15 mistakes article that you have probably already read. I spent time promoting the article as well. Can’t wait for part 2.

Trivium design by Oliver Barrett

Trivium Design by Jeff Finley

Trivium shirt design by Dave Tevenal

Trivium shirt design by Oliver Barrett