The Importance of Sketching: Oliver Barrett’s Moleskine

When I start on a project, I like to brainstorm ideas and write down whatever comes to mind. From there I from there I start sketching until I develop something that can translate well onto the computer, and of course I also have to be happy with it. I try to flesh out as much as I can on paper before moving to the computer, but sometimes I get too excited and get straight to the computer right when the sketch is starting to materialize.   The sketches below are drawings that have been developed and used in recent projects.

Trivium Sketch
trivium sketch 2
Trivium Final
trivium final 2

Amores Perros Poster
amores perros sketch
amores perros one
amores perros two

Junk Culture
junk sketch
junk kulture logo

Killer’s Tee
killers sketch
killernaut final

Minus the Bear Poster
minus the bear sketch
minus the bear final