Join the Team
It’s easy. The Go MediaZine is already a great place to find design tutorials and tips. Now you can add your mark as an author.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for in-depth, quality tutorials and insightful articles that will inform and inspire the design community.

If you’re writing a tutorial, take ‘zine readers from a blank canvas to an awesome finished product and don’t leave anything out. We’re talking multi-step, loads of screenshots, and possibly some video stuck in there as well. Take a look at Dave’s Gigposter tutorial to see what we mean. Some techniques have really been tutorialed-out. Make sure your tutorial is all original and takes a unique approach.

Stuff you can write about:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Web Development

If you’re writing an article, cut the fluff. You’re writing because you have something to say, right? Then say it well, with snappy attitude & style. We’re looking for well-written articles containing industry insight, opinion, interviews, and product reviews.

Review Process

Please keep in mind that we won’t be able to publish every tutorial we receive. So, save yourself a little bit of work and send us a short preview. If it looks like a winner, you can bet we’ll publish the full version.

Show me the money!

Payment will be negotiated based on the quality of the tutorial or article. Payment terms to be discussed privately and may include a combination of cash and store credit for our Arsenal. Please note that violation of the terms or evidence of plagiarism within this two week period will result in no payment and removal of the tutorial or article.


Make sure your tutorial or article has an introduction and nice structure with short paragraphs and generous headings.
The final file should be zipped and include:

  • A simple word processor file with your text & images. We’ll take care of the html.
  • Final project files if applicable (.ai, .psd, etc)
  • A feature image over 1,200 px wide.


If your tutorial is accepted:

  • You grant that the Go MediaZine may freely edit your tutorial.
  • You grant exclusive rights to publish the tutorial and it’s accompanying files in their entirety to the Go MediaZine. This means that no other site (including your own) can publish a full version of the tutorial.
  • You grant that readers may use the techniques and knowledge in your tutorial without credit to yourself or the Go MediaZine.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll be credited for writing the tutorial and get a link-back to your site.

Images & Licenses

If you’ve got a great idea for a tutorial and must use high quality photography on sites such as iStock or Getty, feel free. However, we’d like to provide source files (.eps, .psd, etc) as often as possible. So please try to limit your source images to the the following sources:

Stock Vault

Also, please provide links to the original source files at the end of your tutorial. No misuse please! We’re all friends here.

So get started!

C’mon, it’s lunchtime already. Help a designer out and earn some cash & Arsenal credit.