Go Media HQ – Initial Floorplans


Making Some Headway

Our good friend and client Pete Maric (www.petemaric.com) is helping us design the floorplans for our new building. After a few modifications and revisions, we’ve reached a really solid floroplan that we will be building out. This is only for the 3rd floor remember. This is where our office will be. The other two floors have not been designed yet, but we are taking it one step at a time.

Floorplans Concept-1

We’re also still deconstructing everything from the previous owner’s business. We’re basically cleaning house, gutting the entire thing, and building our own office. All the debris you see in these photos will be removed and each floor should look empty before we start doing anything else.


See more photos after the jump or view our flickr set.

GoHQ_construction_1_15_08-017 GoHQ_construction_1_9_08-004 GoHQ_construction_1_9_08-010 GoHQ_construction_1_9_08-019 GoHQ_construction_1_9_08-016 GoHQ_construction_1_19_08-007 GoHQ_construction_1_19_08-004

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