Go Media in Computer Arts Feb 08 Issue


Go Media is fortunate enough to be included twice in the new Feb 08 issue of Computer Arts Magazine. Haley wraps up the 4 part tutorial series for cross-media design by explaining how to output a logo to a mobile device. And I wrote a tutorial doing some ornate typography from sketch to vector. Check it out:


From the article…

“Ornate lettering isn’t anything new. It’s been around for centuries and there are many ways to create it. You can get out your pens, pencils, brushes, rulers, French curves, and a compass; but I can almost guarantee that most young designers today would rather just use the computer than create it by hand.

Although we’re going to be using the computer, we will still start with a sketch. We will scan it into the computer and use Illustrator to create a vector version and add some additional detail. Then we’ll use 3ds Max to give it some depth. We’ll take it back into Illustrator and Live Trace your 3d render and then finally take the lettering into Photoshop to put on the finishing touches.

The purpose of this tutorial is to give you an insight into my workflow and inspire you to create your own lettering. Have fun!”


Here’s an excerpt from the Cross Media design Part 4:

“In our November 2007 issue we began a series of tutorials showing you how to create brand artwork and adapt it for different media. We started off by creating a logo and a print ad, then animated the logo for the web, and last month brought it to life for broadcast with a range of special effects. We finish the series this issue with exporting an animation for mobile devices.

This tutorial will give you a breakdown of the different formats and procedures that you need to choose between. We’ll take a look at Adobe’s Device Central, a great resources for finding specs on the latest devices, and explore how it can be used to preview mobile content. We’ll also cover how to export to M4V, 3G, and FLV formats using QuickTime Pro and After Effects.”


So you can either pick up the issue if you’re interested in reading the tutorial or visit their website. www.computerarts.co.uk