New Design is up! Feedback wanted!

New Go Mediazine Theme!

We’re really happy to announce a brand new site design to the Go Mediazine. Or should I officially say GOMEDIAZINE – all one word. Or you could spell it GOMEDIAzine or something like that. But anyway, we’re still tweaking some things and finding bugs now that people are using it. So we really encourage you to post a comment and tell us how you feel about it.

I got rid of Google Ads and I am selling 125×125 banners through BuySellAds. So if you are interested in getting a prime ad spot on a site that will probably be doubling in traffic in the next few months, you can grab an ad spot here.

About the Author, Jeff Finley

I’m a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design, branding, and design studio. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread’s Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. I’m also writing a new book called Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

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