Earnest Machine – Big Bolt Logo Design

Earnest Machine, a fastener industry leader, asked Go Media to create an exciting new logo and website for their "big bolts" product category.

Getting your customers excited about the purchasing experience can be tough. Even more of a monumental task is getting B2B purchasing managers excited. That’s where Go Media steps in! Previously, we collaborated with Earnest Machine on the creation of an event takeaway for their sales manager to use at a national convention.

Earnest Machines Print Design Guidebook - inside

Earnest Machine was so pleased with our work that they commissioned us again to create a logo design for their “Big Bolts” product category and use it to brand their accompanying website. Go Media worked closely with our friends at Earnest Machine to create a crisp and contemporary design that made shopping for an industrial product like “big bolts” fun! Below is a peak into our process; starting with sketches, then moving into refinement.


In the end, Earnest Machines decided upon this logo for their flashy new website and brand. Go Media also conceptualized and created a brand new website design to accompany their new logo.

BigBolts-Hero Earnest Machine - Big Bolt Logo Design - Website